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Our focus is on helping business develop and grow better leaders at all levels.

Leadership Uni-Signal

Relationship management

RM (Relationship Management) is about finding, developing, and maintaining strong relationships. Our programs offer tools, assessments and coaching to support leaders in building and maintaining the right relationships.

Employee motivation

Employee motivation is less of a service than the outcome of many of our other services. Employees are motivated by leaders who understand them, know their names and what they do, and lead effectively. We help leaders create the environment necessary for high employee motivation.

Employee engagement

Being satisfied isn’t enough – employees need to be engaged in their work. Our tools, surveys, activities and management coaching all contribute to employee engagement which contributes to overall business growth and success.

Performance Assessment

Performance assessment is a subset of our overall team and leadership resources. It focuses on helping managers provide the right feedback, in the right way, to improve performance and enhance engagement.

Organisational Health

Successful companies are operationally healthy companies. People want to work for them. Employees look forward to coming to work every day. Operational health is about creating a culture and work environment that embraces who employees are as individuals, lets them know that their work is meaningful and provides opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Virtual Meeting Facilitation

Long before COVID19 forced us into virtual meetings, we have been helping clients use collaborative tools to improve meeting experiences and reduce travel time and expense. Facilitating a virtual meeting includes technical support to fully use all of the features of virtual platforms, from white boards to sticky notes to break-out rooms.