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Ressources de l’équipe de direction

Resources for helping leaders set vision, align projects, lead meetings, plan strategically and more.

Ressources de l’équipe de direction Uni-Signal

Mission, Vision, Values facilitation

Facilitation for teams in developing the company’s mission, vision and values.

Project alignment

Getting everyone rowing in the same direction can be a challenge and potentially derail a project if not done properly. Our workshops and activities help bring about the needed alignment at both the technical and people levels.

Project kick-off meetings

Starting projects off on the right foot is essential. These sessions help project teams set up the project charter, get to know each other and understand the business case and how to deliver on it.

Executive Team VIRTUAL offsite meetings

Facilitated meetings that allow executive teams to focus on strategy and future growth without being bogged down by day to day, tactical discussions. We have developed specialized tools to offer these « offsite » meetings virtually.

Effective Team Development

Going from a collection of individuals to a high performing team is a journey and we help with tools and interventions that make the transition fun and successful.

Strategic Planning offsite facilitation

Spending time to craft a vision and set strategy around it are critical leadership team activities. Facilitating these sessions allows everyone to get involved as our experienced facilitators guide the team through the process.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team facilitation

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s best selling book, the Five Dysfunctions of a Team model helps teams build trust, engage in healthy, respectful conflict, make commitments, hold each other accountable and ultimately deliver results.


It’s hard to lead a discussion and participate in one. External facilitation allows senior leaders to be engaged in the conversation with their team, while the facilitator shepherds the team through the agenda and ensures full engagement of all participants.

Good to Great Facilitation

Jim Collins’ best selling leadership book has such rich content and direction for helping companies transition from good to great, and this workshop helps companies get on the journey from good to great. As Collins says, good is the enemy of great, as it can always be good enough! That won’t put a company ahead of the competition!